4 new FENIX NTM® colours.

Riversa presents 4 new FENIX NTM® colours by ARPA® created with a more innovative, more natural raw material for which a new core technology has been developed.

The core of FENIX NTM® is composed of paper and thermosetting phenolic resins. With Bloom, lignin technology has been introduced to significantly reduce the amount of phenol included in the resin.

Lignin is a natural polymer defined as the glue that holds wood fibers together.

The result is a much more sustainable material that significantly reduces the environmental impact because it is used or needs:

50% less fossil raw material.

28% less water footprint.

38% less energy demand.

46% less CO2 emissions.

With this innovation most of the key ingredients have their origin in the same place: responsibly managed forests.

Available in our product: RiverPANEL®.