Supermat Infiniti®

RIVERSA features Formica Infiniti®, a surfacing material like no other. Elegant and sleek with a contemporary matte finish.

Created with technology that protects it from marks, fingerprints and accidental abrasions, so it stays looking better for longer.

What’s more it can be post-formed to hold a curve. It’s one surface with endless possibilities.


  • Available on any type of board (chipboard, MDF, plywood).
  • High pressure laminate (HPL).
  • P.V.A. adhesive.
  • P.U.R adhesive as an option.
  • A texture with very special characteristics:

1) soft touch.
2) anti-finger print.
3) post forming.
4) anti-microbial.
5) anti-marking.
6) thermal healing of micro-scratches.
7) water & stain resistant.
8) absolute matte.